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 Forum Rules

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MensagemAssunto: Forum Rules   Forum Rules I_icon_minitime28th Setembro 2011, 15:50

Forum Rules:

[*]Any user, regular or Donor/Premium, is subject to the same rules and breaking them will get them banned in the same way.
[*]There is no warning. The user will receive an Infraction immediately. (Forum)

If you have an issue with the Forums or wish to report someone breaking the rules, PM any Forum Moderator. Optionally you may just click in the Forum Rules I_icon_report symbol on the left corner of the post. If you have a problem with a particular Mod, contact the Administrator, instead of opening threads elsewhere in the forums.

No discrimination, insults or cursing
Any kind of discrimination, insult, or
inappropriate use of words is extremely prohibited. Any attempt to do so
by using symbols, abbreviations, or other language for that purpose
will not be tolerated. Do not try to evade the censor. You will receive
an infraction for Insulting other members, Verbal abuse via posts, or
Racism/Discriminatory Behavior depending on the severity of the

No threads with advertisements or inappropriate material
Posting threads (photos, videos, suspect
links) that contain inappropriate content to forums is highly
prohibited. Same for sites offering fast money or advertisement of
commercial products for sale or gifts. You will receive an Infraction
for Posting inappropriate links and pictures or Advertising depending on
the severity of the action.

No spamming
If you have nothing interesting or helpful to add in a thread, then do not post at all. This includes:

  • Posts that have nothing to do with the thread.
  • Baiting a member to flame back by trolling him/her.
  • Reply-Pictures (trolling a member) or without reasonable text outside it.
  • Fake threads outside Spam Forum (Rick Roll, etc).
  • Posts with fewer than 20 characters. Any kind of fillers to avoid the censor is spam.
  • Spam to increase post count (to be able to post somewhere else).
  • Bumping threads to call attention. You may only bump a thread after 24h.
  • Re-open a thread recently moderated.
  • Necroposting (when the discussion is over). Just read the old thread
    using the search function or open a new topic. Dead threads are 1 month
  • Posting in-game related reports or ban appeals on a staff member's visitor messages.

Breaking these rules allows the Moderator to infract you for spam, delete your post and/or trash the thread mercilessly.

No breaking the section's special rules.
Some sections of our forum have extra rules.
The Support Section (Q & A) requires special attention in the form
of thread, so, read the rules of this section before opening a topic.
Failure following will get your thread deleted. Premium users should
always use their own section for Premium-related issues. You will
receive an Infraction for not following the rules of the section or

No exceeding the size limit for signatures.
We enforce the size limit of 500x200 pixels to
keep the forum cleaner and reduce the time loading for pages. The size
is applicable for both the signature and text. Both must occupy no more
than 500x200 pixels which is the total space for your signature. You
will receive an Infraction for Signature Rule Violation.

If you break the rules below, you a receive
permanent ban of both accounts, forum and in-game:

Advertising other servers, sites, etc. is highly forbidden.

Selling or Trading accounts
Selling or trading accounts is forbidden. This is to prevent scams and/or fraud. WE WILL NOT RECOVER ANY ACCOUNTS !

Disrespect to Staff / Server
If you do not like us or our services, you are
completely free to leave the community without insulting us. If you have
any complaints about a staff member, feel free to send a private
message to his/her superior. There is no need to open a public thread
for it.

This page does not cover all the
rules. If a Moderator find an unfitting behavior or post, he or she will
moderate it accordingly.

This page may be updated without notice. Check it once in a while.

Forum Rules Rockyi
"Hoje o que se semeia é o medo, a paz foi esquecida, o amor abandonado e a manipulação defendida!"
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Forum Rules

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